Prairie Track & Field Podcast

Episode 26: Olympic Trials Preview

June 17, 2021

Thought Season 2 was over? You've been mistaken! Ryan sits down with 5 athletes who will be competing in the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. Listen to Alex Talley, Benji Phillips, Kari Wolfe, Payton Otterdahl, and Maddy Nilles share their experiences leading into the trials, what they hope to accomplish, and what representing their country would mean to them. Also find out what pizza they're ordering at the famous TrackTown Pizza in Eugene, Oregon!

We hope you listen to the entire episode, but listed below are the timestamp of each athlete's interview:

Alex Talley: 3:47 - 15:08

Benji Phillips: 15:35 - 29:18

Kari Wolfe: 29:45 - 39:43

Payton Otterdahl: 40:12 - 54:36

Maddy Nilles: 55:05 - 1:07:50

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